10 psychologist profile summary


I DO NOT WISH FOR YOU TO MAKE A POWERPOINT. THESE ARE THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR YOUR ASSIGNMENT. YOU ARE TO WRITE A ONE FULL PAGE SUMMARY PER PSYCHOLOGIST AND PROVIDE 3 CREDIBLE SOURCES PER PSYCHOLOGIST. DO NOT MAKE A POWERPOINT!!!! I WILL BE DOING THE REST AFTER I RECEIVE THIS ASSIGNMENT BACK FROM THE WRITER. PLEASE WRITE A DETAILED, BIOGRAPHICAL SUMMARY FOR EACH OF 10 PSYCHOLOGISTS. PLEASE FOLLOW ALL OTHER INSTRUCTIONS PERTAINING TO THE CONTENT OF EACH SUMMARY PROVIDED BELOW. CONTACT ME FOR QUESTIONS.  ***40 Points Total for Profile/summary of 10 psychologists (4 points each) ALL in a single PowerPoint. Do not create separate PPTs. Imagine you must teach a history of psychology class tracing the important historical figures who defined our discipline AND the only tools you have to do so are historical websites (YOU MUST exclude Wikipedia or other general search encyclopedia sites). Your task is to search the net for 3 fact-checked and reputable (in other words the BEST of the BEST) websites which provide the most informative profiles of the 10 psychologists of your choice. INCLUDE THOSE 3 WEB ADDRESSES PER PSYCHOLOGIST IN YOUR POWERPOINT. You must create a 4-5 PowerPoint slide summary per psychologist with APA style references. Your task is to email me the 10 psychologists ASSIGNMENT in a single (1) PowerPoint for all 10 persons. Late projects will lose points available.   DO NOT COPY AND PASTE FROM WEB RESOURCES. Write and re-write everything in your own words. Plagiarism is costly, I will be checking.   NOTE: Select psychologists to profile only if their name appears in the Study Guide list pages 2-4, see psychology history texts/online for the name and bio. information of other prominent psychologists (ex. Kohut, Witmer, Reid). The 10 you choose must be from different (rather than the same type; ex. All behaviorists) categories (for example: experimental, Positive, Health, Personality, Clinical, and I/O) DO INCLUDE at least 2 female and 2 non-caucasian psychologists)   Be sure to summarize of 1-5 major contributors to psychology (***these persons must be actual Ph.D. psychologists, alive or deceased, not just philosophers [Kant] or physiologists [Pavlov, Piaget] who made contributions to psychology). Cite all sources primarily and web document any quotes in accord with the FDU anti-plagiarism policy.   Useful articles on a particular individual can often be found in the Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences.  Moreover, whenever an individual receives the Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award from APA, a brief biography will be published in the journal: American Psychologist, which also publishes obituaries that are sometimes helpful, as well. Past APA presidents are good choices.   Finally, here are several websites that contain information about major figures in psychology, although the biographical coverage is somewhat uneven. Especially useful are the following:            http://members.aol.com/rinsowite/history.htm http://psychology.okstate.edu/museum/history/index.html          http://www.websteruniv.edu/~woolflm/women.html          http://www.muskingum.edu/~psychology/psycweb/history.htm http://psychology.okstate.edu/museum/women/cover2.html         http://elvers.stjoe.udayton.edu/history/welcome.htm http://psychclassics.yorku.ca/                       http://psychclassics.yorku.ca/topic.htm Classics in the History of Psychology: An internet resource developed by Christopher D. Green York University, Toronto, Canada ISSN 1492-3173   DO NOT COLLABORATE WITH CLASSMATES. Be sure to EMAIL ME YOUR POWERPOINTS ON-TIME INCLUDING all references used and web sources’ addresses.   To help you decide whom to pick, you can look at the list of those individuals who have received the Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award of the American Psychological Association. A complete list is available at http://www.apa.org/archives/adsc.html. More historical psychologists are available in the bibliography of sources and useful links provided below. Please note: do not profile someone who cannot really be considered a psychologist (e.g., Copernicus, Descartes or Newton),   Below is a bibliography of sources and materials that you might find useful.  This reference list must be in APA format (except that they really should be double spaced, and in italics instead of underlining).   American Psychological Association. (1983). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (4rd. ed.). Washington, DC: Author.   Connery, B. A. (1988). Writing psychology at UC Davis. Davis, CA: Campus Writing Center.   Gillespie, C. C. (Ed.) (1970-1980). Dictionary of scientific biography.  New York: Scribner.    Murchison, C. et al. (Eds.). (1930). A history of psychology in autobiography.  New York: Russell & Russell.   O’Connell, A. N., & Russo, N. F. (Eds.). (1983-1988). Models of achievement: Reflections of eminent women in psychology. New York: Columbia University Press.   O’Connell, A. N., & Russo, N. F. (Eds.). (1990). Women in psychology: A bio-bibliographic sourcebook. New York: Greenwood Press.   Russo, N. F., & O’Connell, A. N. (1980). Models from our past: Psychology’s foremothers. Psychology of Women Quarterly, 5, 11-54.   Scarborough, E., & Furumoto, L. (1987). Untold lives: The first generation of American women psychologists. New York: Columbia University Press.   Sheehy, N., Chapman, A. J., & Conroy, W. (Eds.). (1997). Biographical dictionary of psychology. New York: Routledge Reference.   Stevens, G., & Gardner, S. (1982). The women of psychology. Cambridge, MA: Schenkman.    Watson, R. I. (Ed.) (1974-1976). Eminent contributors to psychology (2 vols.). New York: Springer.   Zusne. L. (1984). Biographical dictionary of psychology. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press.   Zusne, L. (1987). Contributions to the history of psychology: XLIV. Coverage of contributors in histories of psychology. Psychological Reports, 61, 343-350.

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